Who, me?

My name is Raiden Hasegawa and I am a PhD statistician who graduated from the Statistics Department at The Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania in 2019. My advisor was Dylan S. Small. I am currently a data scientist at Google [CV].

Research Interests

Broadly, my research focuses on developing new methods in causal inference for application to the social, economic, and biomedical sciences. Recent works includes developing a factorial vaccine trial design that leverages Mendelian randomization to estimate malaria vaccine efficacy when there is no gold standard case definition; developing novel observational study designs to mitigate plausible sources of bias; and extending sensitivity analysis – a method for assessing the robustness of study findings to unmeasured confounding – to handle heterogeneous and potentially unbounded sources of bias.

More About Me

Prior to becoming a doctoral student I was a research associate at the New York Federal Reserve Bank working on several Bayesian economic forecasting projects, an environmental consultant, and a quantitative electricity trader. When I am not thinking about stats I am rock climbing, biking, and exploring Baltimore where I live with my wife and pup.